Are you unsatisfied in your relationship? Relationship counselor Dianne Politud helps couples gain confidence and deal with their issues. Today she shares 5 things that make a strong, satisfying relationship.

Growing up we all imagined love being pure perfection and a fairy tale. Especially movie freaks! Those of us who couldn’t get enough of happy endings!

Love and relationships make the world go round for some. For others, it makes the world not move at all. They get stuck, become unsatisfied, and in the end the relationships they’re in give out more bad than good.

The people that were able to find happiness in relationships can be put into two groups:

Those who found “the one” early, and climbed the ropes of love together. And those who fell down many times before they finally climbed up top with the right person.

And then there’s the people that are still climbing, or ever worse, don’t even know where they stand.

This article should help you clear your mind and realize where your relationships stands. Are you unsatisfied in your relationship? Only you can truly answer this. But I’m going to try and help you find that answer.

As a relationships counselor, I’ve dived deep into issues that hold couples back, but I’ve also got a pretty good grasp of what makes couples happy.

Here are a few things my experience thought me create long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

What Makes a Relationship Last

what to do if relationship unsatisfying

Being Grateful About the Relationship

Here’s an interesting exercise that helps couples reflect!

Make a list of things you’re grateful for in your relationship. In other words, ask yourself: “Why am I in this relationships?”

And then write down the answer. Make sure you give this some thought.

You can have your partner do the same, and then you can compare the lists.

It’s fun, and incredibly helpful, especially if you haven’t talked about your relationship seriously in some time.

This exercise helps you reassure yourself your reasons for staying with this person are valid. It’ll also be a great conversation starter for you and your partner about your relationship, or perhaps about the things one of you has been avoiding to talk about!

Relationship Transparency

Being direct with your partner is perhaps the single most important thing I’ve found about every relationship out there.

Be honest, say what you’re thinking. Don’t hold back. Don’t put it off. If you’re unhappy for any reason, no matter how seemingly insignificant – you need to put that out there.

It’s necessary so you can continue climbing with your “one” and it’s also fair. They deserve to know. Relationships are a duo! 

Being able to be open with each other is one of the ways to establish a foundation of trust and friendship. Transparency helps you to connect and support your partner effectively. It’s always hard to get along with someone especially if you don’t understand them or know where they are coming from.

Have A Regular Quality Time

Planning to spend time together even just to cuddle or talk about their day helps couples stay connected and helps their relationship grow. Quality time keeps you and your partner connected.

Talk About Your Relationship

It is important for every couple to reflect on their relationship regularly about what habits they want to change to make it work. Also, if you both notice any sign or warning of an underlying issue building up, talk about it right away before it escalates. Each of you should be committed to this. This is very different from quality time.

The key is having both sides (both of you) understand this fully. Even if you’re giving 110%, if you’re partner is slacking in their commitment towards you – it’s not going to work out.

Love The Way They Want to Be Loved

Now, this is very important. There are five languages of love and each of us favors two. When you love someone your way, you are showing love, but your loved one doesn’t understand your language because he/she may favor the other languages of love.

These are the ways to have a happy and satisfying relationship in the long run.

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